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What Do You Sell?

JUNE 26, 2012
What is this company selling?

An effective exhibit will clearly and quickly tell the show guest exactly what you sell.  But to do that, you have to decide what it is you are really selling. 

This week’s photo is an exhibit for a leaf-free gutter company.  Most people, and probably some gutter company owners, would assume that they sell gutters.  Wrong.  As this company understands, they are really selling time and safety.  Their exhibit is communicating that if you buy their product, you do not have to spend your Saturday, and risk your life, on a ladder.    

Walking through most shows, the old adage of “sell the benefits, not the features” is not apparent.   So what do you really sell?  Figure it out, and then figure out how to get your exhibit to tell that story.

David J Zimmerman
Southern Shows Inc.

Topical: Exhibit Design  Selling  
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