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AUGUST 9, 2016
Many companies invest in a display truck or trailer to take to shows and other events.  The theory is that while there is a large upfront cost, they are easy, versatile, cuts down on setup and take down time, and reduces the risk of items being lost or damaged. 
Over the years, hundreds of truck and trailer displays have been in Southern Shows Inc. events, and with a few exceptions, they are all awkward.  Typically, they require early move-in, are high off the ground, have steep stairs to navigate, and are not inviting.  Because show guests cannot see inside, they are often not really sure what's in them, and pass them by.
This truck display by Sunpower, however, is a great example of how to do it - it manages to avoid most of those common issues.
David J Zimmerman
Southern Shows Inc.
Topical: Exhibit Design  
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