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How Was Your Meal?

OCTOBER 13, 2015
After a recent delightful dining experience, I thought about what made it special.  I soon realized that the principles of the 'Seven Ps of Exhibiting' were the same for the restaurant.  The Seven Ps, as explained in my June 28, 2011 blog (see are the things that an exhibitor has to get right to have a successful show. Here's how they applied to the restaurant:
  • Price - it was a good value
  • Product - the food was delicious
  • Pre-promotion - they ran an ad that let me know about them, and then lived up to the ad
  • Presentation - the décor, the table, and the way the meal was presented, were all great
  • Personality - the wait staff was friendly
  • Professionalism - the wait staff was knowledgeable and helpful
  • Follow up - when leaving, they thanked me for being there, asked if I would like to be included on their email list so I knew about special events and discounts.
Think about your favorite restaurant, and what they do to keep you coming back.  Then try to apply that recipe to your next exhibit.
David J Zimmerman
Southern Shows Inc.
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