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Continuing Education

Free Pesticide Continuing Education Credits Offered at Show

Farmers, landscapers and other holders of a pesticide application license from the NC Department of Agriculture will have the opportunity to gain two hours of continuing education credits at this year's show. These sessions will take place Wednesday morning in the Holshouser Building.

These sessions are free and there is no preregistration.  Bring your NCDA Pesticide card or number for on-site registration.

Wednesday, January 30 in the Holshouser Building

9:30AM Pesticide Continuing Education

Developing A Pesticide Management Plan for Cool and Warm Season Turf Pests
9:30 am
Wednesday, January 30
Holshouser Building
This seminar will focus on developing a seasonal pesticide maintenance plan for cool and warm season turf species. Understanding how and when to control pests in cool and warm season using preventative rather than curative pest control measures is critical to successful long-term success.  Managing turfgrass pests using preventative disease, insect, and weed strategies may provide longer pest control with fewer pesticide applications. Participants will learn how to develop specific programs for reduction of disease, insect, and weed activity, taking advantage of cultural, biological and chemical strategies.  
The instructor for the session will be Matt Martin,  Extension Associate - Turfgrass, NCSU Crop Science Dept.  This course has been approved for the following one hour credits by the Pesticide Division of the NC Department of Agriculture:  D,L,N and X                                       

10:45 AM Pesticide Continuing Education

Agricultural Spray Use and Requirement
Wednesday, January 30
10:45 AM
Holshouser Building
This session will provide an overview of spray nozzles used in agriculture over the last 40 years, including various designs.  Discussed will be droplet size, color codes, matching the nozzle to the application, balancing drift control and efficacy, chemical labels, and recent developments.  Also included will be information on selecting nozzles based on spacing speed and carrier rate, as well as droplet size.
The instructor for this course will be Will Smart, president of Greenleaf Technologies. 
This course has been approved for the following credits by the Pesticide Division of the NC Department of Agriculture: A B D G H I K L M N O T X

12:00 noon Continuing Education

“Auxin Herbicides-Best Management Practices”
Wednesday, January 30th 
Holshouser Building

On October 31, 2018, EPA announced it was extending the registration of dicamba for two years for “over-the-top” use on dicamba-tolerant cotton and soybean. With the registration extension, the annual requirement for training remains. Furthermore, 24(c) labels in North Carolina for Enlist One™ and Enlist Duo™ (2,4-D choline containing products) continue to require annual auxin training prior to using these products “over-the-top” of 2,4-D-tolerant cotton. The auxin-specific training “Auxin Herbicides-Best Management Practices” is currently the only training approved by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (NCDA&CS) to fulfill the annual training requirement. This training will provide an overview of stewardship guidelines to mitigate off-target movement of 2,4-D or dicamba to neighboring sensitive plants.

The speaker for this session will be Charlie Cahoon - Assistant Professor and Extension Weed Specialist: Corn and Cotton, North Carolina State University. 
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