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2022 New Products

Country Clipper Charger & Boss XL Commercial Series

Redesigned from the wheels up, the all new Charger & Boss XL series are built for the commercial or heavy-duty residential user looking for dependability, functionality, & comfort. 
Country Clipper, Exhibit #7120

Martin-Till 2nd stage closing system

The 2nd stage closing system has a 6”x12” Rubber press wheel that seals and levels air pockets left in seed trench to ensure ideal seed to soil contact.  The cam quick adjust allows adjustment of pressure applied by press wheel once the seed trench is closed.   Easily mounts to most double V style OEM closing wheel brackets.  BSCW1444C Razor Teeth break side wall while cupped design squeezes the soil towards the seed ensuring good seed to soil contact.
Martin Till, Exhibit #7336

Howes Meaner Power Kleaner

Farm formulated for year-round power and performance, Howes Meaner Power Kleaner is designed to stabilize stored fuel and eliminate sediment formation.  Utilizing the strength of Howes IDX4® Detergent, Meaner Power Kleaner destroys even the toughest deposits from your injectors and prevents future deposits.  It safely removes water, eliminating the environment that promotes microbial growth.  It also lubricates fuel and reduces emissions by enabling more complete combustion, thereby reducing the need for harmful improvers.
Howes, Exhibit #4011

Scag TurfStorm

With a hopper capacity of 220lbs and a spreading width of up to 25ft, you'll be sure to speed up productivity when applying dry/granular products. The unit also comes standard with a 5.3GPM sprayer pump to feed liquid product from our dual 30-gallon tanks to our 8- foot wide fold away spray boom capable of spraying widths of 2, 6, 8 or 10 feet.  If tight spaces or steep slopes are an issue, our 75 ft high pressure hose and wand allow you to reach those spaces safely and efficiently.
Scag Power Equipment, Exhibit #2308

Kubota BV4160 Round Baler

For great looking bales, season after season, you can’t go wrong with the Kubota BV4160.  Upgraded heavier bearings, enhanced drive chains, a grease bank for easy maintenance, and an industry leading 2-year / 15,000 bale warranty come standard.
Kubota Tractor Corporation, Exhibit #624

BlocCade™ - Natural wound protection after pruning

Research has proven that wound protection is the most effective method against fighting deep-seated wood rot, like dead-arm (Eutypa) or cancer (Botryosphaeria) in grapes, berries and all other fruit trees. BlocCade™ forms a sealed physical barrier over the wound helping to fight against infections caused by fungi, as well as, aiding in wound healing by creating a closed barrier over the cut area.
Crop Perfection LLC, Exhibit #7035

BPDF: Low Drift DualFan for PWM Systems

The Greenleaf Technologies new BPDF nozzle is a non-air inducted DualFan spray nozzle for PWM Systems, designed to produce a spray quality of Medium to Coarse to Very Coarse, depending on the nozzle size and pressure. This spray quality coupled with the DualFan spray pattern will give excellent coverage and drift control.
Greenleaf Technologies, Exhibit #3706

The Unverferth Raptor™

strip-tillage tool is the first all-in-one solution for strip-tillage and fertilizer application integrated together and produced by one manufacturer. This groundbreaking tool was built for growers looking to take advantage of the cost-savings and yield benefits strip-tillage can provide. The Raptor tillage tool features a unique toolbar fold design for a narrow transport width, innovative TerrainPro™ row unit for consistent tillage depth and dry or liquid fertilizer systems that can be easily integrated with the toolbar for an all-in-one solution. Raptor models 2030 and 2015 are available as a 16 or 12 row pull-type machine with dry, liquid or no fertilizer and also as a 3-point tool with 12, 8 or 6 rows with 30", 36" or 38" row spacing.
Unverferth Mfg., Exhibit #224

BigToolRack BTR-FLD

BigToolRack is the ultimate tractor attachment that adds valuable cargo space and a safe way to securely haul more than 20 tools and everything else you may need. BTR is made of heavy-duty steel construction for long-lasting durability and has a cargo capacity of 600 lbs.
Outdoor Equipment Distributors, Inc., Exhibit # 8529, 8533

Drexalin Plus

A local systemic plant growth regulator for the control of sucker growth in burley, cigar, dark, Flue-cured and Maryland tobacco.
Drexal Chemical Company, Exhibit #1315

SpeedTender Pro™ 251 & 451

Designed to provide maximum seed protection and improve performance, J&M introduces new pro box seed tenders…the SpeedTender Pro 251 & 451. The 251 Model holds two 50-unit boxes while the 451 model holds four 50-unit boxes. Minimum seed damage equals maximum germination results, which is why both models feature a gentle poly-cup auger with J&M’s patent pending Bottom-Less Pit auger design. This combination offers a more economical method to unload seed without sacrificing quality. If you are in the market for a pro box seed tender, let J&M SpeedTenders help you increase your planting efficiency and maximize your bottom line.
J&M Manufacturing
Exhibit #309

Bad Boy Maverick HD

The All-New Maverick HD's dual high-performance Hydro-Gear 3400 Integrated Drive System provides for reliable, self-contained power and performance. Our patented independent, suspended cast front I-Beam rails support 3/8? Steel Front Forks that leads the industry in strength and durability. Available in five engine options and four deck sizes that can squeeze you into almost anywhere.
Bad Boy Mowers
Exhibit #2020

Ground Control Fertilizer from TriEst Ag Group

Ground Control Fertilizers are designed to provide growers more options and control over their fertility in adverse conditions of heavy rainfall, cool soil temperatures, or crop stages that make fertility applications difficult. The product focuses on providing a complete fertility package as a blended liquid to be used as alternative to traditional liquid nitrogen fertilizers. They can be applied through drip fertigation, direct-to-ground or over the top applications. All Ground Control Fertilizer blends are manufactured to fertigation grade.
TriEst Ag Group
Exhibit #1002

BioDryAir System

Triple Green Products has developed a way of drying grain without the use of propane or natural gas and the high cost associated with these traditionally used fuels. The BioDryAir qualifies for Carbon Credits in most regions which can be sold to further reduce drying costs. The system simply hooks up to your existing grain dryer and provides very dry, hot air to efficiently and cost effectively dry your crops. The BioDryAir is completely automated and can be monitored from a cell phone.  The BioDryAir dryer system also allows harvest of higher moisture crops sooner and without the added costs associated with this practice. This facilitates planting second crops on a more-timely basis.
Triple Green Products
Exhibit #4109

Furrow Max

Yetter is releasing the Furrow Max and 2 stage close wheel system.  It eliminates side wall compaction, then firms the soil to eliminate air pockets.  Available with packer wheel or V-close wheel.
Yetter Farm Equipment
Exhibit #3627

Right-Side Auger Grain Carts

New for 2022, J&M offers an optional right-side auger on select grain carts that makes unloading easier and more comfortable by putting the tractor controls and auger on the same side and in the same line of sight. Tractor seats also swivel 15 to 30 degrees more to the right than to the left to give the operator an even better view of the auger. J&M carts have maximum forward reach, giving our right-side auger cart a very narrow viewing window of the controls and auger, reducing stress and fatigue. Combined with the forward reach of J&M’s X-Tended Reach auger, J&M's right-side auger carts are easier to unload than any in the history of farming
J&M Manufacturing
Exhibit #309

Wright ZXT Zero-Turn Rider

Wright Manufacturing launched their new Wright ZXT zero-turn rider in early January, 2020. The new ZXT is distinctly powerful, productive, and low maintenance. The ZXT was developed and built to help a landscape company turn time into money at a high rate. It features a 40hp engine paired with a 52”, 61”, or 72” cutting deck, 16cc pumps and 18 wheel motors, 26” drive tires, and a 15-gallon fuel tank.
Outdoor Equipment Distributors, Inc., Exhibit # 8529, 8533

Plucker Plus

Plant Growth Regulator- A four to one ratio of Sucker-Plucker® to Drexalin™ Plus which provides both the contact activity of Fatty Alcohols and the local systemic activity of Flumetralin.
Drexal Chemical Company, Exhibit #1315

Para-Linkage Coulters

An option available on both the 5000 Series and 6000 Series NitroGro Nitrogen Applicators, J&M’s Para-Linkage design keeps the coulters at a consistent depth, evenly applying nitrogen over uneven terrain and harder soil conditions. J&M’s 60 foot applicators also have a patented wing design to give the 6000 Series an industry leading transport width and height.
J&M Manufacturing
Exhibit #309

ECHO CS-7310P Chain Saw

ECHO Incorporated launched their most powerful chain saw ever sold in North America in November 2020. The ECHO CS-7310P chain saw has the cutting performance to tackle tough jobs. It includes all the professional features that commercial arborists and loggers require, one of the best air cleaner systems in the industry.
Outdoor Equipment Distributors, Inc., Exhibit # 8529, 8533

Stabilizer Trax2 Track System

J&M’s Stabilizer Trax2 feature a more efficient design that reduces track weight and provides the largest ground footprint per track weight in the industry. These tracks decrease soil compaction and increase your grain cart’s life. The suspension system utilizes rubber springs, resulting in 3× less vibration than other track systems. The reduced vibration provides a longer cart life and a smoother ride. A combination of uniform wheel spacing, greater footprint, and lessened track weight greatly reduces compaction. Stabilizer 2’s provide the smoothest ride, the largest footprint and maximum durability that you can count on year after year.
J&M Manufacturing
Exhibit #309

CZ Series Mower

The 82-Volt 60" CZ Series Ride-On Zero Turn Mower meets the expectations and standards of the commercial landscaper with a 16-kilowatt battery to mow up to 14 acres on a single charge. The CZ60R battery-operated mower is well-appointed with an 8-gauge 60" fabricated deck, a commercial foot pedal deck lift, and multi-purpose fender and surf plates.
Carswell Distributing
Exhibit # 6104

Bobcat ZT7000

Built to boost your bottom line, the ZT7000 zero-turn mower is the peak of toughness and best-in-the-business performance. With transport speeds up to 19 mph, mowing speeds up to 13 mph, top-of-the-line Kawasaki® FX1000V engine, comfort command center and bullnose AirFX™ deck – the ZT7000 lets you knock out quality results, job after job. Available in 61” and 72” in decks to accommodate your mowing needs. 
Carswell Distributing
Exhibit # 6104
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