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Southern Farm Show
February 2-4, 2022
North Carolina State Fairgrounds
Raleigh, NC
Non-Profit Organizations

Baystate Organic Certifiers

Baystate Organic Certifiers provides affordable...
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Christian Farmers Outreach

Free Brochures, Magazines, Wristband and Walking Sticks.
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Corn Growers Association of North Carolina

The Corn Growers Association of North Carolina strives to...
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NC Agromedicine Institute

Stop by and see us to learn ways you can protect the farm's...
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NC Pecan Growers Association

NCPGA is a grower association. The purpose of the...
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NC Small Grain Growers Association

The North Carolina Small Grain Growers Association is a...
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NC State Extension

NC State Extension is the educational outreach unit of...
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NCSU - Agricultural Institute

The Agricultural Institute is part of the College of...
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NCSU Agronomy Club

We promote interest in agriculture, work to preserve our...
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North Carolina AgrAbility Partnership Project

The vision of AgrAbility is to enhance quality of life for...
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North Carolina Cattlemen's Association

The N. C. Cattlemen's Association and the N. C. Cattlemen's...
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Red Angus Association of the Carolina's

The Red Angus Association of the Carolina's is a thriving...
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Tobacco Growers Association of NC

same as on record
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Upland Wildlife Federation North Carolina State Council

The North Carolina Quail & Upland Wildlife Federation State...
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