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Southern Farm Show
February 2-4, 2022
North Carolina State Fairgrounds
Raleigh, NC
Poultry Equipment

Buffalo Turbine

Buffalo Turbine has been manufacturing turbine style...
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BulkTobac - Div Gas Fired Products, Inc.

Founded in 1949 and based in Charlotte, NC we manufacture a...
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Ecodrum Composter

Ecodrumâ„¢ is the leading supplier of in-vessel mortality...
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Flame Engineering / Red Dragon Torches

Flame Engineering manufactures a line of equipment to...
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H & H Farm Machine

From the founders in 1978 to the current owners and...
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Hog Slat Inc.

Hog Slat, Inc. is the largest contractor and manufacturer...
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Interstate Lightning Protection & Equipment

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Kelley Manufacturing Co.

Kelley Manufacturing Co. has been building dependable...
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Piedmont Farm Systems Inc.

Piedmont Farm Systems has been proudly serving the...
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QC Supply

QC Supply distributes equipment, consumables and provides...
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