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Southeastern Pipe & Drain

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Southeastern Pipe and Drain Systems is your single source for all of your drain and pipe system needs. We are manufactures and distributors of aluminum and steel culvert pipe. We are distributors of ADS HDPE plastic pipe and PVC pipe and fittings. We also have a fabrication shop that specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of pond and lake water control structures. Our systems are unique because of ou

All Aluminum In-Line Riser. Designed for water control structures for 24" to 96" in diameter, with poly boards and track.
Aluminum Box Intake Screen. Available in 2' x 2' for 12" pipe up to 4' x 4' for 48" pipe.
Aluminum Canal Slide Gate Available in 12" to 84" pipe diameter. Available in spigot or flatback designs.
Aluminum Flap Gate. Available for pipe 6" to 48" in diameter.
Aluminum Flashboard Riser. Available in sizes 18" to 120".
Aluminum Helical Band. Available in 12" to 96" diameters. One foot and two foot widths.
Heavy duty intake screens, designed for pipe 12" to 36" in diameter.
Aluminum Trash Rack available in sizes 15" to 120". Designed for pipe 6" to 96" in diameter.
Slide Gate. Avaiable in sizes 12" to 72". Frame availablie in carbon steel, galvanized steel, or stainless steel. Gate stem available in carbon steel or stainless steel.
Detention Riser with Anti-Vortex. Available for pipe sizes 12" to 96"
Flashboards Riser with Bottom Water Pickup. Available in sizes 18" to 96".
Standard Galvanized Steel Band. Available in sizes 12" to 96".
Inline Water Level Control Riser. Available with 6" to 24" pipe.
Perforated Screen, built to specifications.
SEPIPE Shear Gate available in 6" and 8" only.
Butterfly Valve available in 4" through 12", with PVC connecting flanges.
Standard Aluminum Riser Tee available in sizes 6" to 120".
Standard Perforated Detention Riser for systems 12" through 96".
Rolled HDPE available in 100' to 250 ' rolls in 4" and 6" diameter.
HDPE Single wall available in 4" to 24".
HDPE Double wall avaialable in 4" to 60".
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