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Hypro, Pentair

Hypro, Pentair

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Hypro has been a leader in pump and spray technology since 1947. Today we offer a complete line of roller, centrifugal, piston and diaphragm pumps, as well as spray tips and accessories for a variety of applications.

The 3376 Series Cleanload chemical eduction system allows farmers to mix liquid and dry chemicals safely and quickly at ground level. It features the new CycloRinse system which provides premium tank cleaning and meltdown of flowable powders, such as AMS, with an open lid for continuous chemical filling. The Cleanload extends the life of your transfer pumps by educting abrasive and corrosive chemicals downstream from the pump. Using the Cleanload further improves the quality of your tank mix by bringing the concentrate into a supersaturated stream that is then dispersed into the tank in a clean and easy process.
Hypro’s Express Boom Assembly allows you to customize each boom section by choosing the quantity of nozzle bodies either left or right of the tee for each section. Express Boom Assembly has the flexibility to meet any boom design. These single section custom configurations can range from one nozzle body on the left and/or right branch, to five nozzle bodies on each branch.
The unique clamshell design of the Universal Flange Clamp delivers superior sealing capability with decreased assembly time and increased safety. The Universal Flange Clamp is made with a chemical resistant GTX polymer, for superior product performance year after year.
Twin nozzle ports can accommodate liquid fertilizer application at the single position, and plant health and protectants on the turret to save time when switching.
The SHURflo 5000 Series, originally launched in 2013 with an automatic demand pressure switch, is now available in a bypass version. Applications include heavy]duty spraying and fluid transfer; including spot spraying, liquid fertilizer application, multi]tip spraying, and foam marking. The new pumps, which can be run dry without damage feature a built]in bypass, set at 90 PSI and are used for applications where a demand switch is not desired.
Hypro engineers provide you with superior solutions to save you time and money. Hypro brand spray tips are designed for the on-target accuracy demanded by today’s farmers. Hypro tips are available in a wide variety of spray patterns and droplet sizes to perfectly match your spraying technique, application rate, and flow rate.

No wonder the world’s top sprayer manufacturers and farmers have trusted Hypro Pumps and Spray tips for decades.

Pentair Hypro centrifugal pumps are designed for agricultural and industrial spraying and transfer of a variety of fluids: water, insecticides, herbicides, wettable powders, emulsives, liquid fertilizers, etc.

Hypro self-priming centrifugal transfer pumps handle big, high capacity, liquid transfer jobs with ease. The line of pumps offer flow rates from 150 gpm up to 440 gpm to make short work of jobs such as filling nurse tanks, watering seedbeds, and transferring liquids.

The durable and powerful line includes polypropylene, aluminum and cast iron models. Use them for transferring water, liquid fertilizers, and other chemicals compatible with pump materials. Polypropylene is a lightweight option that provides excellent resistance to corrosive chemicals. Aluminum is an economical choice for water transfer. Cast Iron is most suitable for rugged applications.

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