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LONG EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING COMPANY, LLC is recognized as a world leader in the fabrication of durable, high quality equipment and implements. Their products include bulk FCV tobacco curing barns, crop dryers, greenhouse float tray sanitation systems, and implements such as rotary cutters and hydraulic land levelers.

LONG leads through INNOVATION! At the 2015 Southern Farm Show, LONG debuted their newest “EAGLE”

LONG provides specialized design and development services for crop dryers that support numerous industries such as hemp, hops, floral, perishable foods, HT timber, & research by Bayer CropScience among others
The most purchased barn, LONG's "Gold Eagle II", owns that distinction because it sets the standards of quality & efficiency to which others aspire.
In 2015, LONG debuted their newest EAGLE series barn,the innovative “SOLAR EAGLE”. It has the highest fuel and production efficiencies of all barns monitored by VA Tech.
In 2016, LONG introduced their new “STEAMING EAGLE” greenhouse float tray sanitation system which is loaded manually and holds 999 trays per cycle (2" deep)
In 2017, LONG began building their 2nd generation tray steamer, the STEAMING EAGLE XL. It can sanitize 11,000 trays a day.

The new "STEAMING EAGLE XL" uses LONG's innovative wheeled carts that have easily removal vertical stays that keep trays in place when cart is moved by forklift over uneven terrain.
Interest in 2018 LONG barns has been strong and barn sales brisk. LONG is building 2018 model "Eagle" barns!
In 2000, NCSU conducted the only comprehensive study of comparative heat exchanger efficiency. LONG's double-ring aerodynamic heat exchanger earned the highest rating. In 2015, LONG improved on it with their "JET INTAKE" modification that makes it even MORE efficient. It is available for ALL makes of barns!

Aerial view of LONG'S 200,000 sf manufacturing facility at 401 W Hope Lodge St. Tarboro, NC
LONG has reintroduced their venerable "CUT MASTER" rotary cutter series. It is available in standard and rugged duties with widths of 4', 5' & 6'
LONG's new "LEVEL MASTER" series of articulated box blades are turning heads and soil. These heavy duty land levelers are available in various widths, with the 10' being the most popular.
SOLAR EAGLE barns are easy to use, yellow more evenly and cure out quicker. This photos shows David Buchanan of Skipwith, VA holding a hand of premium cured leaf from his 1st cure in his new 2016 barn.
Rear view of SOLAR EAGLE barn showing they are build with the same durability as all of Long"s EAGLE barns
LONG box with the optional expanded metal gates preferred by some growers. LONG listens to the farmer, who is always right.
LONG sales motors, burners,fan blades and other barn service parts
LONG sells barn service parts for all makes of barns. Those parts include air seals, box wheels, breakers, motor starters, high limit switches, and much more!
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