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For your interest in the Women’s Show Series. This page provides details on the series, and provides an inside look into these exciting events through videos. Once you’ve learned about the shows, select the city you’re interested in for specific details.

The Women’s Show Series
Launched in 1983, the Women’s Show Series consists of 11 consumer events which focus on fashion, food, health, fitness, business, education, travel, leisure, home and art.

Combined, the Women’s Shows reach over 275,000 women each year. On average, first year shows attract 15,000 women while mature shows attract up to 35,000 women.

Audience Profile
The shows focus on middle to upper income women, with the majority of guests falling between the ages of 25-54. Our guests are homemakers, working women, entrepreneurs, single women, married women, and mothers who are responsible for making the purchasing decisions for their households and businesses. They attend the shows for education and enjoyment, to learn about new products, to shop, and to evaluate and make decisions.

Exhibit Categories
Fashion, cosmetics, fitness, food, health, automotive, business, careers, child care, electronics, arts and crafts, home, travel and more!

Fashion shows, seminars, cooking schools, food sampling, cosmetic makeovers, celebrity appearances, non-stop entertainment, and popular sweepstakes.

Advertising and Promotion
Over $250,000 worth of advertising and promotions in each market ensures that each show reaches thousands of women. The shows are extensively promoted in daily and weekly newspapers, targeted magazines and publications, leading radio and television stations, direct mail and website promotions.