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Comments from Exhibitors


This is the greatest opportunity to see a diverse audience of women. The women come. They love this show because it’s fun, and it’s exciting! If offers something different from going to the mall or to a specialty shop. Everything is here for them, and it creates a wonderful shopping experience for them. We’ve done these shows for over eight years and I would say it accounts for 75% of our business. These shows are tremendous!
Salena Woller
Salena’s Accessory Showcase

I use this as a major source for me to go to market. I have a loyal customer base that comes to all the shows. Also, I do gourmet specialty shops and Internet business. A lot of that comes from the Southern Women’s Show where people buy the product, they go back home and they order it over the internet.
Robert Kornegay
Wild Rooster Sauces

This is unbelievable. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many women in one place.
Tracy Ulrich
Estroven for Women

We use this as a tool to launch our newest stylists. It’s a fantastic amount of exposure in a real short amount of time.
Alan Daniels
Alan Daniels Salon

We have the opportunity to cater to a very diverse crowd. You’re looking at women from all walks of live.
Deborah Reed
Masters Showcase Cosmetics

We come here to interact with our consumers and to engage them with product information. This is the core market, and this show really provides us with that consumer that uses our product on a daily basis.
Tiffany Valentine
White Lily Flour

Tremendous exposure. From the commercials, the mentions on TV, and the advertising, we’ve had people come in the store and mention the show. That’s why we’re here.
Tim Kirk
hhgregg Fine Lines

We love the Southern Women’s Show! We have been doing this show for 10 or 12 years now. It’s awareness. It lets people know that this product is in your area and that you can go to the local grocery store and buy the product.
David Francis
Glory Foods

The shows are excellent, very professional, and very well run. The company advertises and brings in the customers we need.
Nancy Sheanshang
Rare Finds Sterling Silver

We really want to showcase the services we provide to the community. We feel it’s a wonderful way to interact person-to-person with the community…in a way that we really can’t do with things like TV commercials, radio commercials, and print advertisements. Those things are important to what we do, but really it’s the person-to-person, individual contact that we feel is the strength of the Southern Women’s Show for us.
Ashley Ginn
Carolinas Medical Center