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AUGUST 21, 2012
The lead sheet for Discovery Landscaping Co., a participant in the Southern Ideal Home Show in Greensboro, asks qualifying questions to help better follow up.
If you’re the type of exhibitor who collects leads to follow up on after the show, how you collect those leads is as important as doing it.

The basics are name, address, telephone and email. From there, your goal is collect information that will help you help the potential client. What type of product (project) are they considering? What is their time frame? What is their budget? Do they need financing?

Then there needs to be room for your observations. Perhaps create a rating system for how “hot” a lead they are. Make a place for special notes - is the husband keen, but the wife is not so sure? Are there special circumstances that are important to know?

In other words, make sure your lead sheet gives you as much detail as practical to help you make the sale.

David J Zimmerman
Southern Shows Inc.
Topical: Selling  
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