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Give It Away . . . and It Comes Back

JUNE 23, 2015
Helmut's Strudel has been part of the Southern Christmas Show for 30+ years. Their success is legendary. Their strudel is one of the first things people mention when asked about the show.  You might think, "well - how could you not be successful selling hot flaky pastry filled with warm fruit and cheese fillings?"  Agreed. However, the key to their success is they never take it for granted.  The back story is - starting with their very first show, and continuing through today - they rise very early to bake their scrumptious Austrian delicacies. Our PR team then delivers the strudel to drive time radio personalities, who exclaim, on air, how delicious it tastes. The result is people come to the show eager to try Helmut's Strudel. If your product is something that can be delivered or sent to the media, bloggers, or anyone ready to spread the word about what you’ll be doing at the show, let us know. Many of our show managers deliver goodie-filled press kits to the media, and will be happy to add your product if it’s the right fit. David J Zimmerman Southern Shows Inc.
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