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Exhibit in a Box

APRIL 1, 2014

Most of us have seen exhibits in trailers.  They are typically designed to pull up outside a retail location, and work well for that.  They don't, however, typically work well for shows.  They're too high off the ground, involve stairs, show guests can't see what's inside without stepping up and in, and because of that, they're wary to do so.  They are, however, convenient - not a lot of setting up to do.

That's why I thought this exhibit by Kohler was ingenious.  It's actually a shipping container that's been transformed.  It's on ground level, opens up so everyone can see in, and is easy to set up once it's in the building.  One of the companies - Boxman Studios -  that does this type of work, is based in Charlotte.

David J Zimmerman
Southern Shows Inc.

Topical: Exhibit Design  
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