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QUICK Selling - Kick

JULY 22, 2014

We’re down to the end of the QUICK method of selling at shows.  We have Qualified the show guest, Understood what they need, Identified how you – the expert – can help them, Created a plan of action, and now it’s time to Kick them out.

A great sales person told me long ago that after you have made the sale, stop selling!  In this case, once you have your plan, stop talking. And while ‘kick them out’ is not literally what you want to do, this whole QUICK method is designed to speed the process along so you can move on to the next potential customer.  So a nice “It’s been great to meet you.  I look forward to helping you.  Please enjoy the rest of the show.” will give them the message their time is done.

David Zimmerman
Southern Shows Inc.

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