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Back It Up

APRIL 2, 2013
This stone carver created a beautiful backdrop to accentuate his art, and get the guest's attention.

In my quest to bring you interesting ideas and tips every two weeks, I realize I have overlooked some basics.  One of them is the importance of a solid backdrop.

It all gets back to the show guest walking down the aisle.  If what they see at the back of your exhibit space is the curtain that everyone else has, or a banner you’ve hung on the curtain rod, you better have something really good to make them pause and look.

A solid backdrop not only makes you look professional, it gives you a place to hang those great photos, or whatever else you want display.  But mainly, it says “We’re professional.  We’re here to stay.”

David J Zimmerman
Southern Shows Inc. 

Topical: Exhibit Design  
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