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AUGUST 7, 2012
Your exhibit's position in the show can have an influence on your success.
Like all good show management professionals, I have declared many times with great conviction that there are no bad locations in my show. And that’s true for all well-designed shows. What there can be, however, are some positions which are better than others.
If you have the opportunity to choose among available spaces, here are some things to consider:
  • Front door or not? 
    If you have a big splashy display, then being the first thing show guests see may be a good idea. If you’re in a 10’x10’ space, they’re likely to rush by you in an attempt to get into the show.
  • Traffic flow
    Most shows have a normal flow of traffic, with the majority of people walking one way down each aisle. If you know that pattern, you’re better off to be on everyone’s right side as they walk the show. If your exhibit is on a corner, you’re better off having your open side facing that traffic. 
  • Perimeter
    Many exhibitors feel that if they are on the perimeter wall of the building, they’re less likely to be missed. If you do choose the perimeter, try to get a space that faces a cross aisle, so show guests see you as they approach.
  • Neighbors
    Ask which exhibitors are around the potential space. Depending on your company and exhibit, you may or may not want to be near exhibits that create attention, or have a competitive or complimentary product.
Just remember that while your position in the show can be a factor in your success, it ranks well down the list of things to focus on for your next show.
David J Zimmerman
Southern Shows Inc.
Topical: Exhibit Design  
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