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MAY 12, 2015
You see a lot of 'wrapped' vehicles advertising businesses as they drive around town. And, many of those vehicles end up in consumer shows. After all, they are easy, have your marketing message already in place, and when the show is over, you just throw your materials in, and drive away. They are also static, not the most efficient use of smaller exhibit spaces, don’t really invite prospects to get involved, and there’s nothing ‘live’ that says “look at me.” If you use a wrapped vehicle in your exhibit, you might consider doing what PlanTenders did at the Southern Ideal Home Show in Raleigh, and Earthtones Nursery at the Home & Garden Show did in St. Louis. The vehicle was their backdrop, the live exhibit – showing their actual work, was their credibility and the motivator to stop, ask questions, and smell the daisies. David J Zimmerman Southern Shows Inc.
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