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SEPTEMBER 20, 2011

Everyone knows that great word-of-mouth beats great advertising every time.  No business can succeed long-term without it.  The web, with rating sites, facebook, and blogs, make positive testimonials more important than ever.

Special t-shirts identified the volunteer homeowners.
So how do you jumpstart that process?  Metro GreenScape, a landscaper participating in our Southern Ideal Home Show in Charlotte a couple of weeks ago, may have the answer.  Owners Darin and Heather Brockelbank asked their happy customers to help staff their exhibit, and provided t-shirts to help identify them.
Volunteers working the exhibit.

Show guests would hear things like “Sorry, but I can’t answer that question.  I’m just one of their customers who was so thrilled with their work that I volunteered to help out at the show.  Let me get you someone who can help.”  Pretty impressive.

David J Zimmerman
Southern Shows Inc.

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