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SEPTEMBER 29, 2015
IMEX is the association for professionals in the meeting and special events business. One of the four key trends they identified for 2015 is the use of 'play' as a tool for growing business. An IMEX America keynote speaker noted that “When people get together through meetings and events, it is critical to deliver playfulness which helps them engage, connect and explore, to enjoy being there … in the now.” It makes sense. If people are having fun, they are more receptive to your message. The challenge, however, is to create a 'play opportunity' that fits your message and audience. Here is an example. A financial services company at a recent Southern Spring Home & Garden Show decided to use a putting green. The premise is good - people who play golf probably have money. But a putting green at a show is not exactly new - nor too exciting. What created the attention, and the excitement, is that they had renowned golf instructor Dana Radar there to help show guests with their putting stroke. David J Zimmerman Southern Shows Inc.
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