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QUICK Selling - Qualify

MAY 27, 2014

Shows are selling at warp speed.  If you spend too much time with one prospect, you may miss another five.  So over the next five posts, I will describe the QUICK method of selling at shows.

Q stands is for Qualify.  If you don’t qualify, you may spend five minutes giving your sales pitch to someone looking for the restroom.  You need to find out – quickly – if the person needs, wants, and can afford your product. 

You do that by asking questions that call for short answers.  Are you looking for a certain color?  Are you getting ready to remodel? Would you like to try that on?  The questions will be different for each exhibitor, but the response should answer this question: Should I keep talking to this person, or move on?

Next time: U for understand.

David Zimmerman
Southern Shows Inc.

Topical: Selling  
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