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Orlando, FL


See What Happened at the 2017 Southern Women's Show!

Walgreens at the Corner of Happy & Healthy

Friday is Walgreens Day at the Southern Women’s Show! However, the Walgreen’s Pavilion is here to stay all four days of the show! There you will find a little something for every aspect of your life from your tastebuds, to your beauty regimen, even your flu shot. Stop by the corner of Happy & Healthy for great samples and coupons from Walgreens.

Skin Therapy

Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery specializes in complete care for the skin, hair and nails. Join Advanced Dermatology as they partner with Walgreens and La Roche-Posay to support Skin Cancer Awareness and good skin health. They will be doing FREE skin cancer screenings and aesthetic screenings.

Superior Sun Protection for Naturally Healthy Looking Skin

Pick up a sample of Aveeno’s Protect and Hydrate sun protection and see how you can keep your skin soft, smooth and naturally healthy looking.

Because You - and Your Skin - Are Worth It

Living in central Florida, there’s no leeway when it comes to applying your daily dose of SPF. The sun’s harmful rays not only contribute to 90% of premature aging like lines and wrinkles, but melanoma is the most aggressive form of skin cancer. If you’re like most people who spend time outdoors, L’Oreal Paris has an outstanding line of skincare products that protect your skin against Orlando’s sunny rays.

Baking Fresh For You

Flowers Bakeries LLC is partnering with Walgreens to promote their delicious, quality baked foods. Stop by their exhibit space to sample Dave’s Killer Bread. Be pleasantly surprised when you taste Dave’s Killer Bread. It is one of the top organic bread brands in the country. Every loaf is packed with protein, fiber, whole grains and absolutely no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Keep it Colorful

Seagram's Escapes malt beverages blends light alcohol with tropical and exotic fruit tastes. Sixteen deliciously fun and refreshing flavors like Orange Sassy Swirl, Jamaican Me Happy, Strawberry Daiquiri and Fuzzy Navel makes for easy enjoyment. Seagram's introduces new flavors every year in order to appeal to every taste.


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