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New Products for 2024

Massey Ferguson 500R Series Sprayer

The new Massey Ferguson® 500R Series Sprayer is available in two models: the 740-gallon, 212 HP MF 525R and the 860-gallon, 235 HP MF 530R. The customizable sprayer features a flexible, modified carbon steel chassis, thirty-six controllable boom sections — six times more than other sprayers, Smart all-wheel drive (AWD), and a maintenance friendly design.
Massey Ferguson
Exhibit #3102 – Exposition Building
Atlantic & Southern
Exhibit #2001 - Outside

Ag-Tech Drone Service XAG Pro 100

The XAG Pro 100 is the industry leading agricultural drone sprayer with a 13-gallon hopper capacity and capabilities of up to 70 acres per hour. 
Ag-Tech Drone Service
Exhibit #4101 – Equipment Tent

W.R. Long Rear Remote Hydraulic Valve Kit

While W.R. Long has long been recognized as the industry leader for its 3rd function valve kits, it has now established a new reputation as a go-to source for rear remote hydraulic valve kits.
Rear remotes allow you to operate a variety of implements and attachments for the rear of your tractor, with independent control for multitasking.  
W.R. Long
Exhibit #225 – Jim Graham Building

Tire Solutions XRTS 400x86x53 Track

The ultimate solution for your CAT 259, this tract is designed to excel in a variety of landscapes.  The high-quality rubber track delivers exceptional durability and adaptability, ensuring long-lasting performance. XRTS tracks are purpose-built to excel on dirt, hard surfaces, mud, snow, and turf, providing exceptional traction and stability to reduce your overall maintenance costs.
Tire Solutions
Exhibit #7228 - Scott Tent

Ag Leader TurnPath

Ag Leader has made guidance easier than ever with a new feature, TurnPath™.  It helps eliminate guesswork and reducing the stress associated with end-row turns.  TurnPath™ generates an automatic guidance line at the end of each pass for repeatable end-row turns.
Ag Leader
Exhibit #4129 – Equipment Tent

Bobcat AT450

The Bobcat AT450 tractor is an articulating, oscillating, four-wheel drive workhorse.  With ultra-stable maneuverability and uncompromising versatility, the AT450 is engineered to serve a broad range of markets and users including hobby farmers, homeowners with acreage, lawn and landscape professionals, sports turf managers, golf course superintendents, municipalities, and snow and ice control operators.
Curtis Lane Equipment
Exhibit #6003 – Tent #2

Tuff Built

Boundary Builders will be showing Tuff Built cattle equipment for the first time this year.  Tuff Built chutes, tubs and alleys are built in Wisconsin.
Boundary Builders
Exhibit #8228 - Outside

AmeriAg Feed Bunk

The AmeriAg Feed Bunk is offered in both a 10' and 4' size. They are double walled - solid rotationally molded one piece design so there is nothing to rust, rot or break of the Feeder. The Feeder is strong enough to withstand the weight on livestock if they step in the feeder and the wedge shaped design prevents it from being turned over by all livestock, even mature bulls.
Exhibit #4003 – Equipment Tent

Orthman FX scraper, 1tRIPr strip-till tool and cotton stalk puller

Unverferth Manufacturing will be showcasing the recently acquired Orthman product lineup at this year’s show, including the Orthman FX scraper, 1tRIPr strip-till tool and cotton stalk puller, and other Unverferth products geared toward your farming operation. 
Unverferth Manufacturing
Exhibit #105 & 224 – Jim Graham Building

Kondex Stalk Claw

Start your corn harvest with the efficiency of Kondex Stalk Claw chopping knives. A patented, self-serrating design uses a laser cladding additive on a through-hardened blade to control product wear and longer maintain performance. Stalk Claw offers less chipping and blade damage, while outlasting traditional high-wear knives. Benefits include reduced horsepower needed to cut crops, greater efficiency and fuel savings, maintained cutting performance, patented stay-sharp design, extended blade life, and reversible knives.
Exhibit #4020 – Equipment Tent

Country Clipper Challenger

Country Clipper’s Challenger includes two Kawasaki engines, 23.5 HP (FX) and 24 HP (FS), which provide increased airflow, more speed, and power. As a result of its large fuel capacity as well as its cutting width, the Challenger is able to cover more ground faster without sacrificing efficiency. Country Clipper also offers steering options: Joystick Control or the traditional Twin-Lever.
Country Clipper
Exhibit #7102 – Scott Tent

Hesston by Massey Ferguson 1 Series Round Baler

The Hesston by Massey Ferguson 1 Series round baler is specially designed for abrasive dry hay and stover environments. It integrates proven technology from decades of industry-leading innovation to make the baling process more efficient and more comfortable.
Massey Ferguson
Exhibit #3102 – Exposition Building

Hesston by Massey Ferguson 1842S Small Square Baler

The big brother to the market-leading Hesston® 1840 Series, this new in-line square baler provides 20% more capacity and uniform, high-quality bale production to maximize ROI.
Massey Ferguson
Exhibit #3102 – Exposition Building

The TeeJetĀ® EcoStop

The TeeJet® EcoStop is a nozzle control system designed to help with minimal overlap, reduce chemical usage and minimize crop or turf damage.
Tee Jet
Exhibit #1214 Kerr Scott Building

Nolan Manufacturing Gooseneck

This 24-foot 17K Gooseneck, comes with a half-tilt wooden deck but can easily be modified with accessories or a metal deck upgrade.
Nolan Manufacturing
Exhibit #8153 - Outside

Bush Hog 4115 Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter.

Bush Hog’s new 4115 Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter includes heavier axle suspension, axle arm elastomer isolators, and a center bank of three custom isolators.
Bush Hog
Exhibit #214 – Jim Graham Building

Propel Sliding Door Automation

The iSmartGate Pro Gate system integrates seamlessly with existing Propel Operators, so you can upgrade your system to the next level. From your smartphone, you can control up to 3 individual doors, and with integrated surveillance camera support, you’ll always have an eye on your property.
Propel Sliding Door
Exhibit #6113 – Tent #2

UtiliTough Hydraulic Rotary Skid Steer Brush Cutter

The UtiliTough Hydraulic Rotary Skid Steer Brush Cutter is available in 60” and 72” with or without mulching teeth, and with standard flow, mid flow and high flow.  The  1/4" reinforced steel deck supports an Eaton direct drive hydraulic motor and an extra heavy duty hub/bearing assembly connected by a 6 bolt flange.  An internal relief valve built-in protects the motor if necessary.
Exhibit #219 – Jim Graham Building

UtiliTough Hydraulic Rotary Skid Steer Brush Cutter

The UtiliTough Hydraulic Rotary Skid Steer Brush Cutter is available in 42” and 48”, and with low flow, standard flow and high flow.  It features a durable powder coat finish, hydraulic hoses and fittings, a high strength push bar on front, and a motor cover for added protection. Made in the USA from American made steel, it also features reversible, replaceable, bi-directional AR 500 hardened steel blades and a 3" diameter brush cutting capacity.
Exhibit #219 – Jim Graham Building

Hydraulic Rotary Excavator Brush Cutter

This Hydraulic Rotary Excavator Brush Cutter for excavators up to 20k lbs. is available in 42” and 48” and low flow, standard flow, and mid flow.  Made in the USA from American made steel, it has a 1/4" reinforced steel deck, reversible, replaceable, bi-directional AR 500 hardened steel blades, 1/2" blade carrier plate,  and a durable powder coated finish.
Exhibit #219 – Jim Graham Building

Destrux hydraulic breakers / hammers by UtiliTough

The Destrux hydraulic breakers / hammers by UtiliTough are suitable for use in a wide range of construction and light demolition applications - such as breaking concrete sidewalks and driveways, pavement, roads, masonry, site prep and landscaping, and breaking frozen ground for utility repairs.  The Destrux breaker series is an economic alternative to the UtiliTough premium brand of hydraulic breakers offering great service, performance and reliability at an economical price. 
Exhibit #219 – Jim Graham Building

Kanga 2

The Kanga 2 is designed to fit through most doorways, offering access to various work environments. 
Exhibit #219 – Jim Graham Building

Max Kleen Hand Cleaner

Max Kleen Hand Cleaner is a waterless powerful cleaning agents that removes the dirt and grime without water.  It includes a lanolin skin conditioner to protect against skin irritation and a refreshing fragrance.
Exhibit #6013 – Tent #2
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