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Frequently Asked Questions

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Location, hours, tickets, parking and other general information

Are found HERE
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Is there a way to reach an exhibitor I saw at the show?

First check the exhibitor list online. Once there, click on the ‘see more’ link under the exhibitor you wish to contact. You may find a telephone number there, or a link to their website. If that does not work, call our office at 800-849-0248.
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I’m looking for a specific exhibitor. How do I know if they will be there?

If you know the name, you can search the on-line exhibitor list. Go to and click on “Exhibitors”.
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Are there places to rest?

Yes – there are benches located throughout the building. There’s also seating available at many of the food areas.
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Where is the nearest ATM?

The nearest ATM (BB&T) is located outside, along the building by the Water Ferry Dock (between the Convention Center and the Westin).
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Can I take photographs?

Yes. If you would like to take a photograph of a craft, artwork or merchandise, please first ask the permission of the exhibitor.
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Can I bring a pet?

Only properly identified service animals are permitted in the show.
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Are shopping carts, wagons, and strollers permitted?

Small pull-behind or push carts are permitted. Grocery-size carts and wagons are not permitted. Strollers are permitted.

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Are shopping carts or strollers available to rent?

They are not.
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Are wheelchairs available?

Wheelchairs are available only for emergency use. Please plan to provide your own if needed.
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Is there a First Aid area available?

Yes, the First Aid area is located at the Security Office next to the Loading Dock.
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Is there a day that’s less busy than others?

Friday is usually the least busy. Saturday is the busiest. Sunday is somewhere in between.
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Can I drop people off at the front door?

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Can I bring food and eat it at the show?

Building rules are that only food purchased on-site may be consumed there. Special accommodations are made for individuals with dietary restrictions.
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Is there food available at the show?

Yes. The food service at the building will have concession-style food.

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Can I have my tickets mailed to me, or held at the door?

Yes to both. Use the on-line ticket system by going to and clicking on “Tickets”. Or, call 800-849-0248.
Tickets are sent by standard mail.
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How do we get there?

Driving directions are found HERE
The address for Savannah International Trade and Convention Center is:
1 International Drive, Savannah, GA 31421.
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Is there a cost to return a second day?

Yes. If you would like to return, discounted re-admission tickets are available for $5. These may be purchased at the Show Office with a ticket stub.

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