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Since 1961, Millie Lewis has taught modeling and self-improvement to thousands of people of all ages. We are an exciting mixture of fashion, film, visual poise, etiquette, good nutrition and building self-confidence. For those looking for a modeling or acting career and those who are not, Millie Lewis is the place to be for establishing a strong foundation of a positive attitude in achieving personal goals. We work hard to help people develop their potential. Your career depends on you . . . your goals, your abilities and your personal drive to succeed. We are a "Mother Agent" to many and we are a starting point for anyone wanting to make a great impression in his or her personal or business life.

Millie Lewis of Charleston and Millie Lewis of Savannah stand as role models of excellence in this industry, and have built a strong reputation for developing models and actors that have worked in their local markets, as well as extensively in the national and international markets. They are some of the Southeast’s leading producers of top fashion and commercial talent. They are very proud of all their Millie Lewis graduates and numerous AMTC placements.

Through their personal association with Millie Lewis, they have pledged to continue to promote excellence and integrity in the modeling and talent industries as set by Millie herself. They will continue to use their knowledge and connections to teach, promote, and to protect their current and prospective models, actors, and entertainers who have entrusted their vision of the future with them. They will continue to strive to be the best modeling schools and placement agencies in the country.

In Memory of Millie Lewis

Millie Lewis was a world-respected leader in fashion and modeling. As a former covergirl, she appeared in such magazines as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Life. She was the famous Dubarry Cosmetic "Who is She?" Girl. She was featured in Women’s Wear Daily as the Best Dressed Director in the Modeling Association of America and served on their International Board of Directors. Millie Lewis was a member of the New York Fashion Group, American Women in Radio and TV, was published in Personalities of the South and Who’s Who in Women of the World, and hosted three radio shows. Millie was a leader in the local civil rights movement of the 1960’s and taught courses at USC, Allen, and Benedict Colleges. More than 50 feature stories were written about her. Millie Lewis opened four award winning schools in Columbia, Greenville, Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia, which have been independently owned since 1988. For over 50 years, she devoted herself to helping others make the most of themselves, and gave tirelessly of her time to charity and civic events. Millie’s personal trademarks were legendary charm and honesty! Her physical beauty was exceeded only by her beauty of spirit and strength of character. The South’s most famous model maker was indeed the model’s model. Millie was selected as the 1991 Inductee to the International Models Hall of Fame. Through the thousands of lives she has touched, Millie Lewis continues to be a symbol of ethics and professionalism in the modeling and talent industry.

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