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Justice For My Jewel

Justice For My Jewel

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On behalf of Justice for My Jewel, I would like to introduce our organization whose mission is to inform communities across the globe of the challenges that women and young girls face monthly as they suffer in silence due to poor diets, unhealthy lifestyles, incorrect tampon usage, and the poor quality of traditional sanitary napkins. Many of these challenges can potentially be avoided by giving a voice to a taboo subject that has literally caused millions of young girls and women to suffer in silence. We are demanding a change.

At the Richmond Southern Women's Show, I will provide valuable information through a demonstration of the Nobel Prize winning, potential solution we have discovered in Jewel Premium Sanitary Napkins. Jewel will also be available for purchase at $10 per package. A free sample pack will accompany each order.

I look forward to communicating more in depth about teaming up with you. Together, we can bring awareness for the women and young girls in the community and under your care.

For more information on the Justice for My Jewel Campaign, please visit


Dr. Stepheny L. Finnie
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