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Southern Belle Medium

Southern Belle Medium

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Tamara Caulder Richardson, AKA; “Southern Belle Medium”

--Evidential Psychic Medium, Speaker/Author, Spiritual Teacher, 6x Near Death Experiencer--

Tamara offers healing, loving messages from family and friends who have crossed-over from heaven offering; Medium demonstrations giving proof of life after death, groups and individuals sessions throughout the world. She also speaks on; blog and syndicated radio, at conferences offering spiritual workshops, charities, and at afterlife conferences speaking about her time she spent in heaven during her six near death experiences, and finally offering live stage performances.

Mrs. Richardson has enhanced her God-given gifts by training with International TV/stage mediums and authors; John Holland, Janet Nohavec, James Van Praagh, UK’s Tony Stockwell, and is certified on 11/2016 as an “Advanced Psychic Medium” by International Evidential Medium/TV celebrity and author, Lisa Williams.

Tamara also speaks at association chapters for such esteemed afterlife research groups such as; The International Association of Near Death Studies. She also offers classes to such groups, and also to hospitals to assist nurses and medical staff on topics such as; “How to Assist the Dying Make the Transition from this World to the Next” - giving spiritual techniques and insights to caregivers and medical providers on how to assist loved ones with crossing over.

Mrs. Richardson is also starting a Charlotte NC Chapter of International Association of Near Death Studies ( With her NDE’s she has seen heaven many times, including speaking to Jesus for three days while in a coma. Now, Tamara channels Christ daily, along with other masters, guides and beings that are with him. She does do channeled trance work, upon request only.

Tamara is currently establishing an online spiritual development school called, Enlighten University, or “Enlighten U”,, whereas the courses are being channeled by Jesus, and “I AM/GOD” collective consciousness of the ascended masters. The courses will be offered through a series of teaching video modules. This school is being created to offer God’s love and wisdom to the public at affordable prices on spiritual topics such as: Soul Discovery, Love & Joy, Divine Awareness, Healing & Recovery, Heaven and the World of Spirit, and Angels, Guides & Ascended Masters. Launch date: Fall/Winter 2017.

Currently, Tamara is writing her first book, “Love from Heaven – My Six Near Death Experiences, the Gifts I Received, and the Wisdom I Learned”. Tamara has many other self-help, spiritual books she is also has in development.

Mrs. Richardson is also a Non-Denominational Ordained Christian Minister.

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Tamara Caulder Richardson, AKA, "Southern Belle Medium"

Friday, August 25th: 11:30am-12:30pm and 3:30-4:30pm
Saturday, August 26th: 11:30am-12:30 pm and 1:30-2:00pm
Sunday, August 27th: 12:30-1:30pm and 2:30-3:30 pm

Note: No one is guaranteed a stage medium reading. However, in-person and remote Skype, “private reading sessions” will be sold at Tamara’s booth, #1121.
Here's Tamara above a riverboat in Chevron, Dominica Republic.
Tamara often speaks at chapters and at the annual conference for the, International Association of Near Death Studies, as a keynote speaker talking about her 6 near death experiences, her time in heaven and what it is like, channeling Jesus and the abundant love that awaits us in heaven.
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