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Problem Child

Children are cute, adorable, and a joy to most. Their curiosity also leads them to touch everything in sight, and – let’s face it - they can wreak havoc inside an exhibit with their noise and antics. Many parents are immune – it’s their norm. It could, however, drive potential clients away from your exhibit. So, what to do?
Parents do not take kindly to anyone disciplining their children, and take less kindly to being told how to discipline their own children. The easiest solution is distracting the child. Try speaking directly to them in a friendly tone: “Are you having fun today?” or, “My goodness, is that big voice coming from you? You must be a good singer.”
Just the action of an unknown adult’s voice will, many times, quiet a youngster - and may catch the parent’s attention. You could also keep toys or children’s books around, but be prepared for these to ‘go with the child.’ Never touch a child - or an adult for that matter, unless they are personal friends. And – of course – a smile, the international language, always help.
David J Zimmerman Southern Shows Inc.
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