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Before and After 444
I came up with the name BEFORE & AFTER 444 because I wanted to dedicate this labor of love to my parents. B for Betty and A for Arnie. They gave me the gift of gab, and love ❤️ of family and to never forget ones own heritage. 444 came about because I would see it everywhere, to the point of OMG, well nevertheless it’s been with me ever since. My love for authentic Native American jewelry began when I visited Arizona a few years ago. Everyone who knows me, knows I’ve always loved jewelry, but this was different. I felt a connection with the beauty and intricate design and craftmanship in each piece. Some of the pieces are the most gorgeous artwork designed using turquoise and other gemstones laid out to make a beautiful picture The history and stories that could be heard from each piece, there was no turning back. I was memorized and had to find out more. I learned there are different hues of TURQUOISE that were only indigenous to certain regions and tribes. I also learned that not everyone knows what to look for in an Antique and vintage piece. So for a year I learned from many different people the things to look for. I began researching the different artists and learning about their techniques, their history and of course their culture.
The stories and myths were coming alive and the healing effects of Turquoise were exactly what I needed, mentally and physically... And well let’s just say the rest is still unfolding. I have been fortunate to have met and made many friends across the country that only provide me the finest and most unique pieces to share with you. All pieces are tested to assure you they are Sterling silver. Most of our pieces are signed and some are not... depending upon age. Remember these are unique, one of a kind pieces, so they will go fast! EXCITING NEWS!! ...we are pleased to bring APPLE IWATCH BANDS made from
Vintage Sterling silver/Turquoise SIGNED watch tips
HOPE to see you at my

BOOTH 1017

Apple Iwatch bands
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