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See what happened at the 2019 Michigan International Women's Show!

Jessica Slating, Author of Shellica’s Mermaid Adventure

Jessica Slating grew up and lives in Novi. She graduated from Eastern Michigan University. She loves writing stories about mermaids and fun adventures; where children can explore their imaginations, have fun and learn good lessons!

In Shellica’s Mermaid Adventure, Shellica's mother's warning comes true when she doesn't get out of the pool in time. She becomes a mermaid! But it's not as much fun as she thought it would be. Who can help her become a girl again?

Meet Jessica when she appears on the Spotlight Stage on Friday at 11:30am & Saturday at 4:30pm.

Children’s Author and Songwriter Andy Gutman

Andy Gutman is the author of Charlie the Caterpillar.

When Charlie the caterpillar looks in the mirror, all he sees is what’s missing. But with the help of some caring and colorful friends, he begins to learn it’s what inside that counts!

You can meet Andy when he appears on the Spotlight Stage with special guest Steve Acho for a Read and Sing-along with Charlie the Caterpillar on Sunday at 12:30pm.

Steven C. Harms, Author of Give Place to Wrath

Steven C. Harms debut, Give Place to Wrath, has already garnered two awards including Finalist of the 2018 American Fiction Awards, and been named a 2018 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award finalist. Harms, a native of Wisconsin, is a professional sports business executive with a career spanning over thirty years across the NBA, NFL, and MLB. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse and resides with his wife in Oxford, Michigan, a small, rural suburb of Detroit. Find out more about Steven C. Harms on his official web site: on Facebook, and on Twitter.

Meet Steven when he appears on the Spotlight Stage on Saturday at 2:30pm.

Black & White Like You & Me, Parallel Lines Sometimes Intersect

Tom Daniels and "Cookie" Marsh will be the first to tell you that race isn't everything. But it did shape the way they experienced the world growing up in Detroit in the 1950s and 60s. Tom “Cookie” Marsh grew up in a black neighborhood on Detroit’s west side. Tom Daniels grew up in a mixed, working-class neighborhood on Detroit's east side.

Both men grew up in strict households where they "always got what we needed, and sometimes what we wanted" and both saw their city, their country, and their world transform around them through the Civil Rights movement, riots, and the Viet Nam War.

But sometimes parallel lines intersect.

As each man tells his story, it is apparent that race isn't just "black and white" but it is part of what makes their friendship extraordinary. Their experiences will show you that race made for huge differences in their experiences, while, in spite of race, there are also touching similarities that made it possible for two men, in their older years, to overcome decades of racial turbulence of their upbringing to become lifelong friends.

Follow Tom and Cookie. Hear about their lives, their upbringing, their successes and regrets growing up in black and white Detroit - and how when it boils down to it, the things that are truly important are actually black and white, like you and me.

Meet Tom Daniels and "Cookie" Marsh when they appear on the Spotlight Stage on Thursday at 2:30pm, Friday at 2:30pm & Saturday at 12:30pm.

Nichole Peters, Author of Can You Eat Lipstick?

Nichole Peters is an avid reader and lover of books from all genres.  Nichole vows to help end illiteracy one book at a time.  It is her priority to provide educational material through her book series featuring Natasha the Junior Detective.  She currently resides in Detroit where she continues to provide material that will give hope and inspiration to all who view her literary works. 
Meet Nichole when she appears on the Spotlight Stage on Sunday at 1:30pm.

Tara Michener, Award Winning Author

Tara Michener is an award winning Author of five children's books that range from early reader to young adult. The list includes: Who I Am Not What I Am, 100% Real, Summer Camp Survival, No Longer Besties & Teen Life Crisis.
Tara Founded TMI, LLC a company that promotes diversity education through books, speaking engagements & training curriculum. She is the Founder of Professionals Against Bullying & Students Against Bullying, and she is the Principal of a mental health private practice and psycho-educational center, Michener Associates Counseling Center. Tara is also a Mental Health Contributor for Metro Parent, Pink & Blue Magazine and WDET Detroit Today.
Meet Tara when she appears on the Spotlight Stage on Saturday at 11:30am.
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