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We sell PowerHoopz hula hoopz. They are hand-made in the USA since 2008 and have been featured on HSN, Fox News and many other stations across the US. The hoop weighs 2.5 pounds and shrinks your waist! Most ladies lose 5-10 inches off their waist in 30 days, just from hooping and doing the PowerHoopz total body workout dvd that comes with your hoop! It's the most fun you'll ever have working out.
Meet Chris Lowe, founder of PowerHoopz Fitness. Chris brought her hula hoop fitness company from her garage to the number one shopping channel in the US, HSN.
PartyPantz for sale in huge variety for all sizes and heights. Life is a party.
Come check out our mermaid Tailz, complete with monofin! It's time to awaken your inner mermaid. 🐬
Amy is 63 and 5 foot tall. She went from 197 to 113. She loves the Powerhoopz workout swears by it for an all-over mind, body, soul makeover. 💗 she smashed some of the excuses we hear at each show...I'm too short, I'm too old, I'm too fat...those are excuses that don't work at Powerhoopz because we know they aren't true.
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