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Guardian Angel Animal Rescue

Guardian Angel Animal Rescue

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Guardian Angel Animal Rescue is a non-profit, no kill animal rescue whose volunteers are dedicated to sheltering and caring for homeless, abused and neglected animals. We take in animals who have been given up on, tortured and often left to die. GAAR volunteers are the heart and soul of the rescue. Please join us in our mission and become a Guardian Angel volunteer!


100% of all donation go directly to the rescue.
Abby, was found sitting on the steps of an abandoned home in Detorit, she was very thin and a dirty, matted mess. We couldn't believe what a bath and haircut could do. She is beautiful and adopted to a family that loves her and spoils her completely.
Meet Rylea Wheeler a young volunteer who dedicates all her free time to helping our rescued animals. She helps with all fundraising events, fosters, and is at all of our adoption events.
Where stray dogs and cats find shelter. We have rescued many animals from homes just like this in Detroit.

The puppy you see in this picture was rescued and is safe and happy now. He ran to us and jump right in the car. Other then being dirty and hungry he is a healthy pup.
Comedy Productions is the sponsor of the Guardian Angel Animal Rescue Organization
Bubbles is a 10 year old female loving cat. She was living outdoors as a barn cat. She was very ill and thin, we took her in and she was tested positive for feline aids. She also had a eye infection that destroyed her eyesight and her eye had to be removed. She is very sweet and loving and can live a long, happy life with good vet care and a healthy diet. She must go to a home with another feline positive kitty or be the only cat. She has a lot of love to give a family that will love her back.
Meet Thelma, she is a Detroit rescue who mom was chained in a yard and rarely fed. Thelma was born with a bone deformity that is caused from starvation. She is getting better every day, after one year of physical therapy, she is now able to run and play. Her foster mom/board member has adopted her.
Her mom,and sister were all reacued and are safe and happy now.
Miracle, was left behind by a Detroit family whose house burnt down. Miracle waited on the door steps for them to return for him but they never came. He ran up to a passer by to try to get a loving pet and instead almost met his death. He survived after many vet visits, care & love from the doctors and the gaar staff. He is indeed a miracle and his now in a loving and safe home.
3 puppies born in a broken down dog house in a abandoned houses yard, in the fridgid bitter cold on a Feb. evening. Mama and Papa, trying to fight to keep them safe and warm. Puppies were attacked by something causing many bite wounds through out their little bodies. Mama and Papa very thin and sick. Guardian Angel was able to rescue the whole family and all are doing great. Puppies will be walking the runway on Saturday and Sunday at the Pawject Runway event.
On Sunday, meet Oz, he is a abused survivor, he not only survived a horrible beating from his owner at 5 weeks old because he would not walk on a leash, he also survived Parvo, in the emergency room for 5 days and on top of all of that he is deaf. The recommendation from other rescue groups and vets was to euthanize him. But that was not going to happen. He was adopted by a wonderful family, he is now 4 years old. Jenny, mom, will be demostraiting how she communicates with Oz.

Before and after pictures of our sweet Missy who was rescued from Detroit.
Pawject Runway May 5 & 6 at 2:00PM. Come see and hear our amazing rescue stories as our pups strut their stuff down the runway.
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