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Makeup Eraser - MUEproducts

Makeup Eraser - MUEproducts

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#nomorewipes #eliminatewaste

Makeup Eraser is the number 1 reusable makeup removal system world-wide.

We are dedicated to creating the most sustainable makeup removal products in the world.

Did you know it takes 100 Years for a makeup wipe to breakdown in our landfills?

An Estimated 1.5 Billion makeup wipes are used daily - enough to fill 500 buses! That's 2x the plastic straw waste. We have saved landfills over 1 billion makeup wipes....
Retail our Products
We are seeking Retail Locations World-Wide Contact me for details: Tracie Hill 816-718-1105
What are they saying about The Original Makeup Eraser?
YES!!! 1 MakeUp Eraser equals 3,600 MakeUp Wipes........
Crazy Right???
This Limited Edition 3 Piece Set is SOLD OUT Everywhere. We have 35 of them!!!!
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