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The Southern Women’s Show is the destination for all fashionistas. Shop in good company at local specialty boutiques and trendy boutiques from all over the country that have the latest trends. Browse the amazing variety of tops, pants, skirts, dresses, scarves, shoes and more.

Salena's Accessories

You won't want to miss this fabulous new addition of  Salena's Bracelet Bar! CREATE YOUR OWN STACK of BRACELETS...Mix Match & layer...the more the merrier! Exciting vibrant summer colors - sparkling crystal and stone beaded stretch bracelets that you will adore. The biggest problem is you will want them all! Salena will gladly help you put together the perfect combo! Swing by Salena's Accessories and have some fun while picking out Your New Arm Candy.

Lilla Rose

Lilla Rose is a company that began as a model for sharing one of the most innovative hair styling  accessories: the Flexi Clip. The Flexi answers every problem posed by more traditional hair accessories. It comes in 7 sizes: one for every hair type and style, and it is attractive instead of looking like it belongs on a teenager. It is comfortable causing no headaches. Many can even be worn in the pool or while sleeping. It is long-lasting with durable materials that don't stretch out or change in size, and it is appropriate for everyday or special occasions. In addition to the Flexi Clip, they have added super-hold bobby pins, U pins, hairbands and hairsticks, as well as a customizable Leather line. They are also introducing an amazing new hair care line beginning with Rosewater Spritz and Sea Salt Spray.

Wabi Whiffs

It's a bath bomb for your toilet that's better than toilet scent spray! How does Wabi Whiffs work? Sprinkle. Poo. Flush. It's that simple. But so effective.

Contains natural essential oils and is septic-safe! Stinkly stenches are instantly transformed into lovely aromas. No more running to the hotel lobby bathrooms beacuse you can't go in the same room as your significant other or trying to figure our the bathroom rotation at the apartment or other shared spaces. No more embarrassing first impressions, no more poo anxiety. Restore peace to your home with Wabi Whiffs!

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