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Welcome Peanut Lovers

Whether you’re a fitness junkie, busy parent, sleep-deprived student or diehard sweet tooth, peanut butter is the perfect pairing for all of life’s moments. Peanuts and peanut butter are a great way to boost energy and add protein to your diet.
Join the Southern Peanut Growers on the Cooking Stage and stop by their exhibit to pick up delicious recipes, cooking tips and more information. The Southern Peanut Growers educate American consumers about the U.S. peanut industry and its product – one jar of peanut butter at a time.

Bring Joy Back to the Table

We love everything that Market Table has to offer and you should too! From their pre-portioned meal kits to their prepared dishes and wine selection, they will have everyone in your house feeling full and happy. Their goal is to bring your family together at the dinner table for super simple, healthy, delicious meals made with local ingredients and absolutely no hassle. Don’t miss their cooking demonstration on the Cooking Stage to find out how they’re bringing joy back to the table!

Not just another brewery

Since their launch date of September 9, 2017, Interstellar has been Alabaster’s hot spot for craft brews and good times. Their goal is to provide our community with creative, high quality beers and a lively place to gather on the weekends. They have expanded the brewing universe by offering ginger beers inspired by famous drinks.  They take an innovative “where no man has gone before” approach to recipe creation with two offerings that glow in the dark and they sure have created something truly unique.  They are not another brewery.  They are THE ginger beer brewery.

Their beers are light and refreshing and they can pack an unexpected punch at 6.5% ABV on average.  They are gluten free and made with 3-stage filtered water, fresh cold-pressed ginger, fresh squeezed citrus juice, and other real ingredients.  

Make sure to stop by exhibit space #839 to sample their First Contact, Space Mule, and Ginger Colada beers!

Pour. Savor. Enjoy!

It's a fun, interactive tasting bar experience! Grapes & Olives on tap specializes in Naturally Infused Balsamic Vinegars and Olive Oils. Their high quality, imported Olive Oils and perfectly oak-aged, Italian Balsamic Vinegars are infused with herbs, citrus, berries, chocolate, mushrooms and fruits. A visit to their Tasting Bar offers you delicious tastes of always fresh, no preservatives, healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

And since it’s made from beautiful Italian grapes, Balsamic Vinegar has the same healthy attributes as red wine! Balsamics are a great way to add lots of flavor to any food in a low-calorie, healthy way!

You’ll also find great ideas for simple cooking of quick meals using the intense flavor of these naturally delicious products.

Grapes & Olives on tap Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars are a wonderful gift for yourself and make beautiful gifts for others. Visit their Tasting Bar for some “sips and tips” on tastier meals for healthier lives. Pour.Savor.Enjoy!
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