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Show Me You Love Me

MARCH 19, 2013
This exhibitor posted comments from happy customers on a bulletin board.
Testimonials are effective because they appeal to all the personalities described in my last four posts. They provide data for the fact seeking Drivers and Analyticals, and reassurance for the Amiables and Expressives who are afraid of making a mistake. So it makes sense to try to include them in your exhibit strategy. 
The Little Giant Ladder company you see in most home shows keeps a three ring binder at the front of their exhibit. Every time someone walks by and says “I’ve got one – love it!” they are invited to write a comment in the binder. The binder then becomes part of the sales pitch.
This photo was taken in the Carpets by Direct exhibit at out Southern Ideal Home Show in Greensboro. They simply took a selection of their customer feedback cards and stuck them on a bulletin board. A bit messy, but effective
David J Zimmerman
Southern Shows Inc.
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