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Selling to Personalities III

FEBRUARY 19, 2013
Analytical people want the facts and nothing more.
This is the third of four posts about selling to personalities in the exhibit space environment. 
Today’s personality type is Analytical.
·         Understanding them: They are logical, diligent and precise. They are picky and indecisive. They need organization and order. They do not like salespeople.
·         Identifying them: They come cautiously into your exhibit if they come in at all. They would rather pick up your literature, go home and study it, then make a decision. They do not want a sales pitch – they want facts and details. They make the post-show ‘out of the blue’ calls you receive.
·         Selling to them: Do not schmooze them. Be the consultant, not the salesperson. Do not ask them personal questions. Give them space and time. Build your case step-by-step. Make sure they leave with details. Do not try too hard to close the sale.
Next time we’ll look at Amiables. Good selling.
David Zimmerman
Southern Shows Inc.
Topical: Selling  
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