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Selling to Personalities II

FEBRUARY 5, 2013
Expressives are fun but hard to pin down
This is the second of four posts about selling to personalities in the exhibit space environment. 
Today’s personality type is Expressive
Understanding them: These people are optimistic, persuasive, enthusiastic and likeable. They are fun, and like to have fun. They can be overbearing and disorganized, and they exaggerate.
Identifying them: They enter your exhibit with a smile and handshake. They seem really interested in your product. They leave you making you think you have a sale in the bag – these people make up many of the infamous “I’ll be backs."
Selling to them: Keep them focused and on track. Compliment them. Make sure you really understand their issues. Have fun with them. Try to get something confirmed in writing before they leave your exhibit. Don’t be surprised if they say yes, yes, yes, no.
Next time we’ll look at Analyticals. Good selling.
David J Zimmerman
Southern Shows Inc.
Topical: Selling  
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