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Selling to Personalities I

JANUARY 22, 2013
The driver is looking for concise information.
Professional sales trainers will tell you that there are four basic types of personalities. This post, and the three following, will each describe one of them. I’ll then give you some clues on how to identify them, and some points on how to sell to them in an exhibit environment.
The first personality type is the Driver
Understanding them: These are no-nonsense ‘I’m in charge’ types. The bad news is that they are demanding. The good news is they tend to have money, because they tend to be the people in charge. They are decisive and controlling.
Identifying them: They walk into your exhibit like they are on a mission. They ask direct questions. They are going to test your knowledge, and they are going to make sure you know they’re in charge.
Selling to them: Provide direct short answers. Establish your expertise. Do not waste their time or get distracted by something else. Do not try to schmooze them. Set a specific follow-up plan.
Next time we’ll look at the Expressives. Good selling.
David J Zimmerman
Southern Shows Inc.
Topical: Selling  
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