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We're all in our places with bright shining faces

MAY 1, 2012
If you have fun, show guests will have fun. And they'll be more likely to buy from you.

The title of this week’s blog comes from the “Good Morning!” song, one of the few things I remember about kindergarten. I often want to sing it to exhibitors as they drag in on Saturday morning to work at the show.

The real pros, like our friend here with the hat, know that a key ingredient to being successful at a show is to have fun.  To look like you’re glad to be there.  To look like a person a show guest would want to talk to.

And believe me – I get it.  I know working at a consumer show is not near the top of most people’s list of Saturday morning activities.  So you may have to fake it. Or better yet, just decide that you’re going to have a good time.  Once your smile starts bringing in sales, it gets a lot easier.

David J Zimmerman
Southern Shows Inc.

Topical: Selling  
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