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Beware the Address Label

MAY 15, 2012
Make sure your prize registrations are accomplishing your goal.

If you have exhibited in public shows, you have seen them: address-label-packing women sticking their names and addresses on every prize registration in sight. (sorry ladies, but in 29 years in show business, I have yet to see a male doing this)
To avoid them, and anyone else you do not particularly want signing up for your prize, you should:
  1. Only give away something that a potential customer would want.  In other words, only give away what you sell.
  2. Make sure your prize registration doubles as a lead card by asking questions that will identify the registrant as a potential customer.  Then specify that the prize form must be fully filled in and signed for the person to be eligible.

David J Zimmerman
Southern Shows Inc.

Topical: Selling  
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