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Be Led by Examples

NOVEMBER 1, 2011
Examples of your past work helps potential customers communicate their needs

If you have the type of company that does something different for each client – landscaper, plastic surgeon, interior decorator, closet company – then you’ve no doubt encountered the show guest who knows what they want (or at least thinks they do) but cannot translate their wishes into English you can understand.

That’s where you need photographs of your work, and lots of them.  This is so  these potential customers can use your past work to show you what they want.  One of the best examples of this was by remodeler Wood Wise Design & Remodeling in the Southern Ideal Home Show in Raleigh.  He put together booklets of different jobs they have completed, named them after the client, and created a library of ideas.  “So, you’re interested in building out your attic?  Let me show you what we did with the Henderson’s attic.”

Before and after photos work best.  If you’re not doing it already, start taking those photos.

David J Zimmerman
Southern Shows Inc.

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