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Bad Manners

SEPTEMBER 15, 2015
The last post was about problem children in your exhibit. This post is about the big kids. You may have experienced them in other situations - the loud, complaining guest, who creates a situation that needs special handling. If the guest is there to specifically complain about your company, product, or predecessor; your first priority is to get them away from your exhibit. Just say, ‘let’s go to a quiet spot, where we can discuss this,’ and move in the direction you want them to follow. Head to the cafeteria, or somewhere out of traffic. If the complaint is legitimate – apologize, as appropriate, tell them how you plan to resolve the problem, and then do it. If the guest is simply boorish, a light approach sometimes works – indicate your surprise at their behavior; but provide them an out. You might say, “Sounds like your day is going like mine started out – what can I do to make it better?” This is usually sufficient acknowledgement for the rude guest to find another audience. In the rare case where the person is threatening, walk away and contact security. David J Zimmerman Southern Shows Inc.
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