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See What Happened at the 2017 Southern Women's Show!

Beef, Itís Whatís for Dinner

The Georgia Beef Board proudly represents Georgia’s 15,000 cattle producers! They are partnering with Food Network’s Orchid Paulmeier who just so happens to be a Bluffton, SC native. Together, they will bring you beef goodies, recipes and cooking demonstrations that will make your mouth water. Beef is one powerful protein that always deserves a reservation on your plate!

Welcome Peanut Lovers

Whether you’re a fitness junkie, busy parent, sleep-deprived student or diehard sweet tooth, peanut butter is the perfect pairing for all of life’s moments. Peanuts and peanut butter are a great way to boost energy and add protein to your diet.

Join the Southern Peanut Growers on the Cooking Stage and stop by their exhibit to pick up delicious recipes, cooking tips and more information. The Southern Peanut Growers educate American consumers about the U.S. peanut industry and its product – one jar of peanut butter at a time.

Mediterranean Inspired

The Southern Women’s Show is pleased to partner with Zoës Kitchen, a fast casual restaurant serving Mediterranean-inspired dishes delivered with warm Southern hospitality. Their mission is to Deliver Goodness from the inside out. They do this by inspiring guests to live a balanced lifestyle, both by staying positive and active, but also by eating better-for-you food that is made from scratch daily. Their menu is made up of nutritious fresh produce and lean proteins that are predominantly preservative and additive free. Stop by Zoës Kitchen on 1821 E Victory Drive Savannah, GA to receive your $2 off discount certificate!

Share the Loviní

The Savannah area McDonalds’ are thrilled to share the lovin’ at the Southern Women’s Show again this year! They will be taking the Cooking Stage and sharing how their world famous Egg McMuffin is made. Also, they will be giving away prizes throughout the show and one lucky person will be selected to win FREE McDonald’s for a year!

Pour. Savor. Enjoy!

It's a fun, interactive tasting bar experience! Grapes & Olives On Tap specializes in Naturally Flavored Balsamic Vinegars and Olive Oils. Their high quality, imported Olive Oils and perfectly oak-aged Balsamic Vinegars are infused with herbs, citrus, berries, chocolate, mushrooms and fruits. Enjoy a taste of fresh, no preservatives, healthy, antioxidant loaded Olive Oil. Balsamic Vinegar has the same healthy attributes as red wine! It's a great way to add flavor to any food in a low-calorie, healthy way! These products are a wonderful gift for yourself and others. Visit them for tips on tastier meals and healthier lives.

Better Taste. Better Nutrition. Better Eggs.

Eggland's Best are delicious, all-natural eggs that are high in Vitamin E, contain more than double the Omega 3and 25% less Saturated Fat vs. ordinary eggs. The Best Nutrition just got better because EB’s now deliver higher levels of vitamins B2,B5,B12 and four times the Vitamin D vs. ordinary eggs. All this, combined with their delicious, farm-fresh taste, is why Eggland’s Best stands for the very best in quality and value for your family.

Lowcountry Treats

For food enthusiasts who want to take a piece of the Lowcountry home, Charleston Specialty Foods offers a variety of delicious, authentic southern treats from the best brands around. Their locally based selections are always made from the finest ingredients and traditional recipes.  They are dedicated to bringing you the best of Charleston for over 30 years.

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