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Meet Vern Yip, nationally known designer, author + TV host, at the Southern Women's Show in Richmond. Vern is perhaps best known from HGTV and for his four seasons on TLC's popular design-swap reality show, "Trading Spaces", which aired from 2000 to 2008, and is now making a spring 2018 return to TLC featuring Vern and many of the original cast of designers.
Vern has also appeared on NBC’s “Home Intervention” and is one of HGTV’s most recognizable designers, most notably as host of “Deserving Design,” “Urban Oasis,” and “Live in Vern’s House,’ and as a judge on “Design Star.” He is the author “Vern Yip's Design Wise: Your Smart Guide to a Beautiful Home.”

Vern will appear on the Fashion & Entertainment Stage on Saturday, March 17, and share design advice, home décor tips, and stylish living inspiration, and offer a glimpse into what viewers can expect from the new season of Trading Spaces.”

Vern Yip VIP Experience - $40.00 each
Bring your design questions for an exclusive VIP meet and greet with everyone's favorite designer, Vern Yip, from TLC's Trading Spaces. The VIP Experience Ticket Package will include an exclusive meet and greet with Vern, one ticket to the Southern Women's Show, one Southern Women's Show reusable shopping bag, a copy of Vern's book "Design Wise: Your Smart Guide to a Beautiful Home", the opportunity to submit a design question upon entering the VIP meet & greet (Vern will select a few of the questions and answer them during the meet & greet), Reserved seating at the Fashion & Entertainment Stage where Vern will appear after the VIP Meet & Greet for his public appearance and presentation. Limited Availability. Purchase your ticket here.

50 Tips for Single Women to be Happy … With or Without a Man

With more women single than married now in America, Happiness No Man Required written by Dwayna Litz is a much needed read with 50 Tips teaching women how to feel complete and whole with or without a man’s affirmation. Statistics show that many women in the United States are currently staying single not because they do not want to be married but because they cannot find the right man for marriage, all too often left heartbroken by yet another Romeo only looking for a hookup.
Happiness No Man Required is not a man-basher but an honest portrait of what women face in today’s dating scene, compassionately encouraging women to realize that being single or married does not have to be a distortion of their dreams coming true. Happiness No Man Required praises good men, instructing women how to know the difference between the good and the bad and love and love addiction. Litz cheers single women on living in a postmodern age where the label of being called an old maid has become antiquated.

See Dwayna on the Main Stage and visit her throughout the show for your copy of  Happiness No Man Required.

Total Etiquette Diva

Vickie Love aka the “Total Etiquette Diva” is no stranger to the celebrity world of Etiquette. As a former State and International pageant winner she is highly recognized for her continuous and dynamic etiquette avenues. Recently chosen by her State’s Commissioner to offer her very own “Bad to Bougie” etiquette one stop shop to thousands of Women & Girls coming out of  the Adult Detention Centers, she now travels throughout the U.S. and abroad transforming many lives, with several upcoming media appearances.
Join the Total Etiquette Diva at the upcoming Southern Women’s Show as she appears and welcomes guests to the show on Saturday!

Southern Belle Medium

Come listen to Tamara Caulder Richardson, AKA; Southern Belle Medium™, give healing messages from loved ones that have crossed-over. Experience this amazing God-given ability for yourself. Who knows, you may be one to receive a personal healing message in the audience. Just know that the love we share in this world and the next... is eternal. Love is forever.

Tamara Caulder Richardson, The Southern Belle Medium, will be performing several live medium demonstrations throughout the show on the Fashion and Entertainment Stage”.
Southern Belle Medium’s “Messages from Heaven” Showtimes below:
Friday, March 16: 1:00-1:40pm and 5:00-5:40pm
Saturday, March 17: 10:30am-11:10 pm and 4:00-4:50pm
Sunday, March 18: 1:00-1:40pm and 4:00-4:50 pm
Note: Please be sure to come a few minutes early to get a good seat for this event. No one is guaranteed a stage medium reading.
However, in-person and remote Skype, “private reading sessions” will be sold at a discount at Tamara’s booth, #3002.
“We All Have a Fan Club in Heaven!” ™

Claire Hollingsworth, Food Network's Youngest Chopped Challenge Jr. Champion

Claire started stirring it up in the kitchen at the age of 3 at home with her dad as a means of productive entertainment.  Her earliest memory was making a chocolate cake and licking a large spoon clean!  Cracking eggs since age 4, wielding a knife since age 6 and cooking healthy, tasty meals for her family and friends for years – Claire is an aspiring and inspiring role model for our nation.  Claire’s cooking and STEM experience, kind and helpful nature, wit, sense of humor and ease in front of large groups made her the perfect contender for Food Network’s first season of Chopped Jr.  See episode here
At the young age of 9, Claire impressed the judges and won the hearts of viewers with her personality coupled with her cooking creativity, presentation and taste as she seized the title of Youngest Chopped Champion and the coveted $10,000 prize with Chopped Champion Chef Coat. While keeping this secret for months, until the air date in January 2016, Claire worked on inventions and her brand.  Her new inventions are products designed to take the fear out of cooking and bring fun and color to the kitchen!  Claire started Claire’s Cooking Lab and her brand showcases her love of science, experimenting, and natural foods with lots of family fun and love!  Claire created her Supernova Seasoning and Rocket Rub, which she used on Chopped Jr. in her entrée. Claire also worked with a local craftsman to make her small hands knife.  Recently released are the No Fear Oven Sleeves + Flavor Booster Trio.  These inventions are now for sale on her website.  (Note -New Branded website and Season of Seasonings Launch – November 1, 2017)
Since Chopped Jr. aired January 2016, Claire has been a role model to kids for cooking and pursuing STEM related activities.  She is actively sought out in the Richmond community for public appearances, cooking engagements and continues to receive recognition for her achievements, graciousness and generosity.  In June 2017 she was asked to come back to Food Network to compete on the Chopped Jr. Champions Tournament, where she competed well and became an overnight sensation in the foodie, girl power and entrepreneur circles. 

Discount Tickets Available at Walgreens

Purchase your advance discount ticket at your local Walgreens store February 16 - March 18 Click here for store locations.
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