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50 Tips for Single Women to be Happy With or Without a Man


With more women single than married now in America, Happiness No Man Required written by Dwayna Litz is a much needed read with 50 Tips teaching women how to feel complete and whole with or without a man’s affirmation. Statistics show that many women in the United States are currently staying single not because they do not want to be married but because they cannot find the right man for marriage, all too often left heartbroken by yet another Romeo only looking for a hookup.
Happiness No Man Required is not a man-basher but an honest portrait of what women face in today’s dating scene, compassionately encouraging women to realize that being single or married does not have to be a distortion of their dreams coming true. Happiness No Man Required praises good men, instructing women how to know the difference between the good and the bad and love and love addiction. Litz cheers single women on living in a postmodern age where the label of being called an old maid has become antiquated.

See Dwayna on the Main Stage and visit her throughout the show for your copy of  Happiness No Man Required.

Country Singer Danielle Eljor

At the age of 19, Danielle wanted to audition for The Voice, but life had other plans. She was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkins Lymphoma, and had to start chemotherapy instead of going to her audition.

In fall of 2016 Danielle won a contest through a local country station in Richmond, K95, to meet Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. At the meet and greet, Garth and Trisha asked her what her story was, followed by the big question- her dream. When Danielle told them what she went through and how she missed an opportunity of a lifetime-Garth gave that to her. The morning after the meet and greet, Danielle had the opportunity to sing with both Garth and Trisha- and later that day, in their show. Danielle and Garth sang “I Told You So” by Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis. Since then, Danielle was asked to sing with Brittany Marie, and had been offered several gigs in the Virginia area. Danielle plans to go to Nashville in February of 2017 to continue living her dream. Her first EP will be out by January 2017. Hear Danielle perform on the Fashion and Entertainment Stage Saturday at 2pm.

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