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See What Happened at the 2017 Southern Women's Show!

Pour. Savor. Enjoy!

It's a fun, interactive tasting bar experience! Grapes & Olives on tap specializes in Naturally Infused Balsamic Vinegars and Olive Oils. Their high quality, imported Olive Oils and perfectly oak-aged, Italian Balsamic Vinegars are infused with herbs, citrus, berries, chocolate, mushrooms and fruits. A visit to their Tasting Bar offers you delicious tastes of always fresh, no preservatives, healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

And since it’s made from beautiful Italian grapes, Balsamic Vinegar has the same healthy attributes as red wine! Balsamics are a great way to add lots of flavor to any food in a low-calorie, healthy way!

You’ll also find great ideas for simple cooking of quick meals using the intense flavor of these naturally delicious products.

Grapes & Olives on tap Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars are a wonderful gift for yourself and make beautiful gifts for others. Visit their Tasting Bar for some “sips and tips” on tastier meals for healthier lives. Pour.Savor.Enjoy!

Win Money to Shop the Show

Every 30 minutes, a lucky show guest will win $25 in Show Bucks that can be used towards any purchase at the show! Winners can pick up their Show Bucks at the Virginia Credit Union exhibit space.

Experience Fricaine…and exotic luxury

Many countries and diverse cultures have adopted “native fabrics” as part of their peculiar local identities, tradition and culture. Naturally, they asked themselves: why not provide access to these colorful, vibrant and beautiful fabrics to other people around the world? Why not enjoy these unique gems of fashion with the rest of the world, without the limits of physical geographic boundaries?

Their name “Fricaine”, pronounced free-kane, is derived from the French word “Africaine” which means “African”. Fricaine offers access to vibrant, unique and undeniably fashionable accessories necessary for today’s quintessential woman. Visit them at the show to see their beautifully crafted handbags.

Refined Refreshments

Cocktails with a Kick has Wine Frappes. So easy to make at home, take a bottle of dry white wine (chardonnay or pinot grigio), same part water, your favorite wine slushy mix and freeze for 3-4 hours. Makes a delicious, refreshing drink for any occasion! Visit their exhibit for a free sample and choose your favorite flavor to take home!

Let's Talk Towels

Becca Ott bought a Turkish towel a little over a year ago. They are called Peshtamels in Turkey. The gentlemen used the towels in the Turkish bath Houses in the 14 century and as time went by the royal women began using the peshtamels and wanting more elaborate designs. The towels have been discovered by the rest of the world to be used in many ways. Becca worked in Fashion for 12 years as a stylist and personal shopper. She immediately recognized the beauty of these towels and it became her goal to find the most beautiful peshtamels and to find as many uses as she could for them. She loves sharing the story of the towel which is why she named her business Let's Talk Towels. Visit with her at the show and discover the world of Turkish towels.

Discount Tickets Available at Walgreens

Purchase your advance discount ticket at your local Walgreens store February 16 - March 19 Click here for store locations.
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