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See What Happened at the 2017 Southern Women's Show!

Pink Friday

You’ve heard of Black Friday, well we’re celebrating Pink Friday. Look for the exhibitors with the pink balloons and take advantage of their specials just on Friday!

Experience Fricaine

Fricaine’s line of affordable exotic handbags offer exceptional value and exciting new looks! Their fabrics are guaranteed to make a bold, memorable statement. Experience Fricaine . . . and exotic luxury! 

Gifts Galore

Every time you turn around, it’s another birthday, anniversary or holiday! Why not stock up on plenty of unique gifts for your girlfriend’s birthday, Mother’s Day and your sister’s anniversary? The Southern Women’s Show is full of handmade and fine, unique gifts that are sure to impress. Whether you are looking for a jaw-dropping piece of jewelry, or just a simple hostess gift, the Southern Women’s Show provides an exciting array of gifts for every occasion.

Tara At Home

Tara at Home is a unique direct-selling company that is helping women and a few good men across the country build their own business around a simple premise: getting people back around the table. Tara at Home affords the unique opportunity to build and grow a business flexible to a person’s individual needs which is centered around products. Their powerful mission is to bring some of life’s best moments back to the table with beautifully designed all-in-one stoneware and other kitchen and home products that take the chore out of cooking. Stop by Tara at Home’s exhibit space at the Southern Women’s Show to learn more.

Letís Talk Towels

Becca Ott bought a Turkish towel a little over a year ago. They are called Peshtamels in Turkey. The gentlemen used the towels in the Turkish bath Houses in the 14 century and as time went by the royal women began using the peshtamels and wanting more elaborate designs. The towels have been discovered by the rest of the world to be used in many ways. Becca worked in Fashion for 12 years as a stylist and personal shopper. She immediately recognized the beauty of these towels and it became her goal to find the most beautiful peshtamels and to find as many uses as she could for them. She loves sharing the story of the towel which is why she named her business Let's Talk Towels. Visit with her at the show and discover the world of Turkish towels.

Refined by Fire

Robert “Bobby” Connelly began his career as a firefighter in 1959. He gave 53 years of his life to the service of his community, the department, those he served with, and the time honored tradition of the firefighting brotherhood. He began his life with a humble Nashville upbringing and a faith that God always had a plan for him. Bobby is a legend in the firefighting community; not just for his dedication to the job itself, but for the relationships he nurtured and the lives he touched along the way. For those who served alongside him, Bobby isn’t just a firefighter, a leader, and a friend; he is family. Despite the many heartaches and trials he faced throughout his life, Bobby put his faith and trust in God. Refined by Fire: The Bobby Connelly Story, is an encouraging testimony that moves, uplifts, and inspires. Come see Bobby on stage during the Local 140 Firefighter Shows and be sure and purchase a copy of this inspiring book.

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