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Rent the Chicken

Rent The Chicken was founded by Phil and Jenn Tompkins of Freeport Pennsylvania in 2013. Their objective is to help people have just one food source closer to their table. We call this concept “Yard to Table”. Each location is a family run affiliate helping families to bring one simple food source closer to their table one rental at a time. 

Rent The Chicken provides two to four egg laying hens, a coop, food dish, water dish, and food for a five-six month rental. Also provided is a copy of the book Fresh Eggs Daily by Lisa Steele. At any time, the customer can adopt the chickens or chicken out and return the chickens back to the homestead.

Sleep Number 360

Everyone’s talking about the new Sleep Number 360 smart bed. It knows, senses and adjusts to keep you both sleeping your best. It can even warm the foot of the bed on each side, to help you fall asleep faster. Does your bed do that?
If it doesn’t, it’s time you met the bed that does it all. Visit Sleep Number at the Southern Women’s Show in exhibit space 1528.

Reflections by Tanya

Photographer Tanya Long-Garro has the eye of a true artist. She is best known for capturing moments with a timeless beauty. Come visit Tanya and her team at exhibit 451. Find out how she can capture your family’s special moments. 


Arlie Wolfe’s leukemia has returned and she is in need of a marrow donor.  She is the 3 year old daughter of Lisa and Derek Wolfe of Smyrna, TN. Arlie has fought a long battle for two years.  The new road ahead is long and hard, please continue to pray for the Wolfe Family. As a community, we can heal cancer.  Take the #LemonsforLeukemia Challenge and sign up to be a bone marrow donor at the Southern Women's Show.

Want to sign up now?  It's easy
1: Visit:
2: Click: Be The Match Registry®
3: Click: Join Online
4: Answer Questions
5: If prompted for a promo code use: Arlie
6: Save & Continue
Any Questions:

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