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See What Happened at the 2017 Southern Women's Show!

Local Artisans

The amount of talent and creativity that can be found in Nashville is amazing. So much so, that we have found some of the best of the best and will feature their handiwork in the Pavilion of Etsy Sellers at the Southern Women’s Show. All the crafters will be from the Nashville area and you will be able to marvel at their handiwork and purchase one-of-a-kind pieces for someone on your shopping list or better yet – for yourself!

This will get your goat!

Gentry Goat Farm is a small family goat farm in Maryville, TN where some amazing lotions, body washes and hand soaps are made.  According to Esty crafter Barbara Gentry, the goats are spoiled rotten and are hand-milked twice daily and have become very dear pets of the family.  Their products are made with love and no artificial dyes are used. A bottle of Black Raspberry Vanilla Goat Milk Lotion would make a perfect Mother's Day gift or better yet, plan to treat yourself!

The natural beauty and strength of wood

Esty artisan Amanda Powell is inspired by the intricacies of wood grains - their deep colors, textures, and patterns.  Because of these qualities, she carefully chooses the wood she uses for her jewelry.  She cuts each piece into a raw shape, sands each edge to a touchable smoothness, and finishes it with organic coconut oil to enhance the color of the grain and to improve water resistance. Be prepared to be inspired with the works from Lichen Hollow.

A Little Pick Me Up

Tiramisu Paperie is a collection of paper and gift products with unique designs and messages that are sure to bring a smile to someone. They’re perfect for lifting spirit or telling a friend they are really awesome. In 2012, Esty artisan Lisa Sarmeento lost her mother and her grandmother.  Cards poured in telling how sorry they were for her and that “God didn’t give me what I couldn’t handle”. She  was over it and just  wanted someone to tell her  “to hell with cancer”, “punch someone” or even “yell at the mailman for no reason”. Tiramisu Paperie was developed for those raw moments and to lift those who are just having a bad day. In Italian, Tiramisu means “a little pick me up” which is exactly what their brand is about. Pick up someone’s spirit. There’s a good chance you’ll get a little pick-me-up, too.

Made with Love & a Hammer

Freshie & Zero jewelry began in 2006 when founder Beth Lawrence, a.k.a. "Freshie", worked in a craft gallery after graduating from college and fell in love with handmade jewelry. She did not, however, fall in love with the prices. She became a woman on a mission to bring versatile handmade jewelry into the world, at a price anyone could afford.   Freshie & Zero is delicate and elegant - perfect for women of any age who want to look fabulous without having to think too hard! You'll want to wear Beth's modern, simple jewelry whether you are headed to the office, out on a date, or enjoying long walks to the coffee shop. Her designs are made with sterling silver and gold filled metals - all nickel free and generally safe for sensitive skin. Her work is versatile and appeals to all kinds of ladies - from those that live in their workout clothes to stylish gals who always look put together.

Itís not how heavy the burden, itís how you carry it

Barbara Harris and Brenda Harrington are the owners/designers/seamstresses of bagsYOUtote. They opened their Esty shop in 2010. Their bags feature a wide selection new and repurposed fabrics that are creatively turned into handmade reusable shopping bags, tote bags, messenger bags, wine carriers, purses, pouches, wrist pouches, cross body bags, diaper bags, backpacks, wedding bag, and custom bags.

Frame Yourself

Kaleidoscope Frames was started when Scott Ewing’s wife wanted a frame that was selling for 3 times what it should have been! Scott’s beautiful frames, made from reclaimed wood and will appeal to Fixer Upper fans!  He’ll take custom order and your can pick your own colors.  This Etsy craftsman is a local company with local values.

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